Quality Health and Social Care Services, Worldwide


Quality HealthCare Services, Worldwide

Delivering the highest UK-quality health and social care services in overseas since 2012


Heythorp Healthcare aims to offer elderly people tailored out-of-hospital healthcare solutions to bridge the gap between the healthcare provided in hospitals and the care available at home - allowing older people to reduce hospital dependency and live better, healthier, and longer lives at supported, non-medical settings and at home. 

With the rapidly growing numbers of older people in many countries and the increasing occurence of multiple and chronic conditions, specialist health and care is the fastest growing sector of the healthcare market because it offers older people the most caring and most cost effective way to meet their increasing complex healthcare needs.

Today, Heythorp Healthcare leads the way in this sector, earning a reputation in putting the needs of older people first. We do this by working with hospitals, patients and with families to tailor specialist person-centred care responses around each patient's unique and individual needs.

Services are delivered in a wide range of settings to best suit the needs of individuals - whether it is at one of our modern, comfortable, fully equipped and staffed or at home. We want people to live full, long and healthy lives. We look forward to showing you how we can help do that. 


Person-Centred Health, nursing & Social Care for everyone

Expert Clinical and Management Teams


We are an international health and social care company part owned and managed by a consortium of former-NHS social enterprises. 

We pride ourselves on our amazing staff, who come from the local communities in which we operate, and supported as necessary with experienced our international management and clinical and medical teams. Many of our staff have trained and worked in the UK and are able to leverage that expertise, experience and enthusiasm to add considerable value to our local partners and to the health and wellbeing of customers and patients in the communities in which we work.   

About Us

Quality Services, Systems & Standards


We design and deliver a range of health and social care management services to its partners and clients across the world from healthcare services consulting to the delivery of specific services and staff, to the full management  of a multidisciplinary healthcare facility. We are particularly active in China where we lead the way in delivering health and wellness services and healthcare training at our site in Kunming and a ground breaking dementia care and memory clinic service at our site in Shanghai. We aim to ensure that all the services we deliver internationally meet the highest standards expected in the UK.


Staff Training & Management


We are deliver comprehensive and ongoing training to our staff and to our partners and customers across a range of disciplines and levels. Our practical face-to-face training courses can be delivered at our own facilities or at our partners sites or via our growing online learning platform. Courses are often carried out bilingually in country and/or in conjunction with our partner organisations in the UK depending on the numbers of participants and their specific training needs and budgets. We also provide ongoing training to our partner organisations to help and support the quality of the healthcare services they themselves deliver over time and across multiple sites

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Patient Success Stories

“The care and attention to individual needs here are unmatched in China! My husband received treatment at the Heythorp Healthcare Resort in Kunming last year after a work accident and made a steady and amazing recovery!”  
- Ms Zhang Qiu Ying

 “I didn’t feel like I was being treated like 'just a patient' here. Your team in Shanghai provided amazing care with endless kindness and enthusiasm.”  
- Mr Li Guohai

 “I’ve seen multiple doctors and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, but the Heythorp's approach helped alleviate medical problems I’ve had for years. The nurses in their Shanghai centre really strive to treat me, not my conditions."  
- Ms. Zhu Aili

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