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Kunming Health & Retirement Resort

Our retirement resort located in the foothills of the Himalayas in southwest China offers a range of healthy outdoor activities set a world-class health resort some 45 minutes north of the beautiful city of Kunming. 

Year round clean, fresh air, mild climate and a tranquil, peaceful setting makes our resort an ideal get-away destination to recharge your inner energy, unwind and relax. Our team of UK trained, english speaking clinicians and support staff are on hand to support, advise and cater to all your health and care needs during your stay - whether it be a short break or a longer stay with us. 

About Us

Wetland Park

Located in the Spring City, it enjoys a mild and humid climate, and is surrounded by a diverse range of flowers, trees, and nature. 


Breathtaking views and meticulously kept greens designed by world-famous golfer Phil Mickelson

Equestrian Club

A world-class equestrian club- one of the top three in China.

Lavender Farm

Originating from Provence, France, the lavender fields provide hundreds of species of flowers in bloom creating a sea of flowers.

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Health Retreat and Resort


Come and relax and unwind with us, enjoy a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including golf, horse racing, horse riding, countryside walks, onsite spa centre, pool and range of indoor activities.

Health and Wellness Assessment


We can help and guide you to manage any long-term health conditions, your wellbeing and reduce the risk of you developing further long-term health conditions with a tailored health care plan.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


We can use a variety of treatment methods and techniques to help you recover quickly and safely, reducing future onset recurrence and repercussions.

Sports Injury Physical Therapy


Our professional and experienced physical therapy team will undertake a full musculoskeletal assessment to help you meet your unique long erm needs. 

Health and Wellness Assessment

  • Our team of international trained clinicians will provide you with a free initial assessment and kick start your healthier and happier future.

  • Our health assessments include up to 12 key physical tests, to give you a clear and measurable indications of your health and potential future health needs.

  • Our musculoskeletal assessment provide you with an in-depth analysis to identify any that may impact upon your current or future health.

  • Our team will provide you with a comprehensive personal health report that sets out the results of your tests in a clear and simple way and provide a detailed and practical action plan.

Professional Physical Therapy

  • Musculoskeletal therapy and sports injury physiotherapy and re-ablement

  • Intensive post-traumatic rehabilitation  support and advice

  • Exercise training and sports massage therapy